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Our Let and Collect Service starts with our full Tenant Finding Service
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Our Let and Collect Service is great for landlords who like to get involved in the nitty-gritty day-to-day running of their property and management tasks but appreciate assistance with the collection of rental payments.


Many businesses today use factoring services as a means to ensure cash flow remains healthy and payments continue to be received as due.  As a landlord, and more than likely with mortgage commitments, this service essentially takes away the headache and stress involved in chasing rent payments.


The service includes the following benefits:

  • Collection of rent from Tenants by Direct Debit into our client account, and instant transfer into your account
  • Automated process for chasing late rent payments from tenants, with a text message and email being sent if not received on the day, and a follow up letter being sent if not received 3 days later. Along with phone calls to tenants, these measures and continual and effective payment chasing drastically reduces late payers.
  • Monthly statements detailing rent payments, by email or letter
  • Liaise with tenants and yourself throughout the tenancy to ascertain their and your intentions for the end of the fixed term. The tenancy can either be extended with a contract renewal Help tip or allowed to roll on to a periodic tenancy Help tip or the property vacated and relet
  • Collection and protection of the tenant's deposit with The Dispute Service Ltd (the TDS) to comply with relevant laws
  • No extra fees for the administration of non-resident landlord tax Help tip


How much does it all cost?

Our fees are all inclusive with no hidden extras. We’re completely transparent about our fees as we genuinely believe they are unbeatable. We're convinced no other agent offers such services meeting the highest of industry standards at such competitive rates.


Set up fee

The set up fee is the same as our Tenant Finding Service fee; 45% of the first month's rent subject to a £325.00 minimum. This fee is payable again if the tenants leave and we re-let the property to find new tenants.


Monthly fee of 4% of rental income

You will then pay a percentage of the monthly rental income, subject to a minimum £20/month. If you already have tenants, we can start the service at any time and you won't need to pay an initial set up fee.




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